Miss Kennedy Summers

The #RomanForum was awe-inspiring. In the #USA, our buildings barely last ~50 years. The weirdest part about that, to me, is that the Romans created domes and *new* structures from nothing. Their creations were almost all innovations! Even now, we’re building upon a lot of their ideas, and I really don’t understand how we’ve managed to architecturally evolve backwards, while some of civilization’s oldest structures are still here! Buildings like the #Colosseum and the #Patheon have survived fires and #earthquakes—and I can’t even find an apartment in LA where someone didn’t screw the cabinets in on a slant😂🤦‍♀️ We’ve been fortunate enough to have some amazing minds in our lifetime (*#StephenHawking, #ElonMusk, and #SteveJobs), but, as a whole, we’re not challenging ourselves to reach further than our ancestors did. But, WHY? We’ve been spared the challenge of forced innovation for survival, yet we’ve opted to take the cheap/easy way out. We’ve seen certain materials withstand the tests of time and the elements, yet we’re still creating #buildings that collapse from minor earthquakes. There’s a #quote I read once that said, “If no one thought differently, then nothing new would ever be accomplished.” Well, you DO think differently, so don’t be afraid of that power. PLEASE, don’t let your talents and creativity be stifled by the limitations of others. Each one of us was blessed with a mind unlike everyone else’s, and we have to be strong enough to push through the inevitable social pressures and judgements that come with that—even when they’re coming from those who are close to us. You’re the only one who lives inside your head, so you’re the only one who actually knows what you’re capable of accomplishing. YOU are the only thing that can truly stand in your way—everyone and everything else needs YOUR permission to do so. Every adversity in your life can be sidestepped with the right amount of #determination, and you’ve got no one to blame but yourself if you give up. #Challenges are obstacles, not road blocks, and I believe in you all, and the unique gifts that you’ve been given. I hope you do, too💕